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Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 I’ve made some good progress on my two-player face-to-face game for iPad build with the Corona SDK tentatively titled ‘Cosmic Crossfire’ – inspired by the classic 90s tabletop action game Crossfire. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 For this early prototype, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 I was also inspired by the clean, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 sharp look and feel of the vector graphics / Vectrex games of the early 80s.

Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 In Cosmic Crossfire, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 two players sit at opposite ends of the iPad and ‘swipe’ to fire pellets at large geometric shapes in the middle of the screen, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 attempting to knock them into the other player’s ‘goal zone’. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 To calculate the direction of the pellets while maintaining a constant ‘total’ firing force, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 I took the distance from the point where the player lifted his/her finger and compared that to the point where they first began their ‘swipe’ gesture.

Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 Unfortunately, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 as Corona does not yet support vector math or contain a built-in function for normalizing a force with a unit vector, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 I had to write a little snippet to recreate the functionality. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 Note the hacky workarounds for a coordinate system where Y-values are inverted.

-- (Note, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 this runs when a finger is 'lifted' from the screen)
    -- Hacky workaround to account for negative distance values and inverted y-coord system
    if (event.x - event.xStart < 0) then
        multX = -1;
    if (event.x - event.xStart >= 0) then
        multX = 1;
    if (event.y - event.yStart < 0) then
        multY = -1;
    if (event.y - event.yStart >= 0) then
        multY = 1;
    -- Get the absolute value of the distance between where the swipe ended and where it began
    magX = math.abs(event.x - event.xStart);
    magY = math.abs(event.y - event.yStart);
    -- print("magX is " .. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 magX);
    -- print("magY is " .. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 magY);
    -- Get the angle of the shot by taking the inverse tangent of the y 'distance' over the x 'distance' (TOA = Tangent: Opposite over Adjacent!)
    local angle = math.atan(magY/magX)
    local constantForce = 500;
    -- Normalize the force using cosine and sine and multiplying by the desired constant force. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 Also, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 multiply by multX and multY, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 my hacky 'direction' handlers.
    local xPower = math.cos(angle)*constantForce*multX
    local yPower = math.sin(angle)*constantForce*multY
    -- print("angle is... Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 " .. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 angle);
    -- If the distance of y is zero (user taps rather than swipes), albenza 400mg pills $180.00 angle can return 'undefined' and crash the program. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 Only fire if the distance between y-values is not zero. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 (Note that '~=' in Lua is the equivalent of '!=' in other languages).
    if (magY ~= 0) then 
        shootFrom(1, albenza 400mg pills $180.00event.x, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 xPower, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 yPower, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 totalTime) 

Albenza 400mg pills $180.00

Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 Although I plan to add all sorts of complex shapes and odd alien bodies and physics behaviors, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 the only one I’ve implemented so far is the ‘OctoOrb’. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 Although I’ve heard from passers-by that he/she/it resembles everything from the michelin man to a piece of candy, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 I was really going for some sort of weird top-down jellyfish-like creature as inspired by the various octopus villains from the old Sega Alex Kidd games and the Legend of the Mystical Ninja and the like. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 The OctoOrb is a sphere connected to two smaller spheres via revolute joints which are in turn connected to two tiny orbs. Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 The OctoOrb’s ‘pulse’ is a momentary force applied to the center sphere in a random direction.

Albenza 400mg pills $180.00

                octoOrb.myJointR = physics.newJoint( "pivot", albenza 400mg pills $180.00 octoOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 rightOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 xLoc + 50, albenza 400mg pills $180.00550 )
                octoOrb.myJointR.isLimitEnabled = true -- (boolean)
                octoOrb.myJointR:setRotationLimits( -60, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 60 )
                myJointRsm = physics.newJoint( "pivot", albenza 400mg pills $180.00 rightOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 rightSmOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 xLoc+100, albenza 400mg pills $180.00550 )
                myJointRsm.isLimitEnabled = true -- (boolean)
                myJointRsm:setRotationLimits( -60, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 60 )
                myJointL = physics.newJoint( "pivot", albenza 400mg pills $180.00 octoOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 leftOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 xLoc-50, albenza 400mg pills $180.00550 )
                myJointL.isLimitEnabled = true -- (boolean)
                myJointL:setRotationLimits( -60, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 60 )
                myJointLsm = physics.newJoint( "pivot", albenza 400mg pills $180.00 leftOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 leftSmOrb, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 xLoc-100, albenza 400mg pills $180.00550 )
                myJointLsm.isLimitEnabled = true -- (boolean)
                myJointLsm:setRotationLimits( -60, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 60 )

Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 I had a whale of a time dealing with the logistics of getting the game on the device which unfortunately kept me from implementing my idea for an ‘attractor’ a small capsule that travels in a sine wave across the screen unless struck by a player’s pellet, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 in which case in begins to attract all the large bodies toward it (and, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 presumably, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 toward the opposing player’s goal). Albenza 400mg pills $180.00 Oh well, albenza 400mg pills $180.00 see you at the next version – code available on GitHub.

Albenza 400mg pills $180.00

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