Mobile Web ideas-

I have two major ideas for a final project in my Mobile Web class.

Idea 1: Barcode Brawler

My idea is to create a game that encourages exploration of the physical world by allowing the user to scan UPC barcodes (or QR codes or other unique signature that can be processed by the camera). The data from the barcode is used to generate the vital statistics and physical appearance of a creature. Users will then have their creature saved to a server. Using a companion iPad/tablet app (to be developed concurrently or later), users will be able to then pit their custom creatures against each other, earning both bragging rights and unlockable add-ons for their creature(s). While inspired by a physical game from the early 90s titled ‘Barcode Battler’, to my knowledge there is no app like this on the market. This would utilize camera capture and filesystem storage.

Idea 2: NearestSubway

My second idea is to expand a location-aware utility titled “NearestSubway” that I began last semester. The app would present two simple options, “Find the nearest Subway” and “Get me home!” The first option finds where you are and shows you directions to the nearest subway. There is a settings page where one can specifically exclude certain lines from being considered. The “Get me home!” button prompts the user for their address if they have never used the button before. For every instance thereafter, the address will be remembered in localstorage and directions from the current location to the stored home address will be displayed with Google Transit. This app would use geolocation. There are apps with subway information, but the simple one-click access and “home memory” would differentiate my app.