Barcode Scanner Plugin for PhoneGap and other misadventures

With the help of Simon MacDonald’s informative blog post I managed to get the Barcode Scanner Plugin for PhoneGap up and running. Although installing a plugin in Eclipse wasn’t exactly idiot-proof, it wasn’t as scary as I had expected either. I even seem to be able to get confirmation that the plugin is working via the Android emulator, as pictured, which is fantastic as I don’t have an Android device to test on at the moment. I’m not sure if the scanner will appear as reminiscent of the Mario Bros. 3 title screen on an actual device (I’m assuming the checkerboard background is a stand-in for camera input), but I wouldn’t be entirely disappointed if so. I do wonder what navigation options the user will have and how I’ll be able to transition from the camera back to my app, as right now my options for customizing the plugin seem limited. You can download my project here.