Re-presenting DoogieWrite.

This year I’ve started using more seriously a web-based tool I built last year, DoogieWrite. In short, it’s an HTML5 text editor with a minimalistic feature set and retro look.

Although the app is meant to evoke memories of the closing scene of an episode of Doogie Howser, M.D., (the theme music is available in-app, as popularly requested), DoogieWrite’s color scheme is actually patterned after the Memo Pad, the default function of the Atari 800 8-bit computer of the early 80s, my first computer.

Although the project itself is highly indulgent, I do believe the cool blue of the Memo Pad (coupled with Chrome’s excellent full screen mode!) promotes a distraction-free writing environment, something that is harder to achieve on our always-connected, media-rich laptop screens.

There have been some hacky workarounds. Although DoogieWrite features an ‘autosave’ sort of feature through HTML5 local storage, there’s no syncing between browsers/computers… and so a ‘save to text file’ option was important to me. Unfortunately, there exists no truly feasible and lightweight way to save a local file from HTML5/Javascript yet, so I had to settle for a small PHP script that generates a text file on the server and serves it to the user. (The text files are deleted from the server within the hour and are not accessible to anyone else). Having to settle for this workaround was painful to me, as I’d like the app to be completely usable offline. It’s close.

You can use DoogieWrite, and I hope you do, at!