A few mobile web design midterm ideas…

An early idea of mine is to make a web-based text editor, capable of saving and loading local text files. The editor would be suitable for use with the mobile keyboards or an external bluetooth keyboard. I’d design the look to be minimal with the intention of providing a distraction-free writing environment. Aesthetically, I want very much to pay homage to the Commodore 64 or to Doogie Howser’s nightly journals.

Another idea I had was to make a simple, mobile-designed pro basketball reference app, perhaps as a companion to the desktop-designed basketballreference.com.

I’ve also been exploring the idea of using the webkit touch capabilities to design a simple mobile game, perhaps a version of Lunar Lander where touching a certain area of the screen would product a ‘thrust’ in a certain direction — although the thought of writing collision detections routine in javascript is giving me nightmares.