Ozone Command (ICM/PComp Final) Thoughts

General Proposal:

My final project idea is a table-top arcade game based on dual potentiometer input, webcam input, and biofeedback (either via heart rate sensor or GSR sensors). As the game grows more hectic, I hope to put the player on display him/herself through a changing display onscreen. I also hope to work in the player’s level of nervousness to heighten the intensity of the environment via sound, music, and graphics.

Sources of Inspiration:

Abstract, vector based physics as seen in Cosmic Smash:

The intensity of the visuals and sound change based on in-game performance (and in he case of my project, on biofeedback). A good inspiration is Rez

Classic games such as Missile Command that include hectic gameplay with increasing levels of difficulty:

Examples of games that put the player on display:

Dance Dance Revolution:

Big Buck Hunter / Arcade games:

Nintendo Wii:

Major stumbling blocks: