"Fantasy Device"

My fantasy device is the Insta-Burger – a machine that delivers a burger to your specifications!

The device consists of a simple area where materialization occurs and a simple control panel slightly higher than waist level.

The control panel features a series of toggle buttons, all set default to the ‘none’ or other default option. The toggle buttons have a picture above representing the option while each button has text on the button to indicate the choice you’re making. For instance, first is a picture of buns with the buttons “default”, “none” and “toasted”. Next is patty, where you can choose turkey, veggie, beef, or chicken. Next are yes no options for various toppings and condiments. Finally, there is a small keyboard and screen for additional “write-in” topping. As you type, the screen auto-completes potential toppings which you can then add and proceed to type in another write-in topping. Otherwise, you can click create.

A small screen shows your burger preview. After clicking create, the burger appears before your eyes!