Play Minotaur China Shop

Minotaur China Shop is in many ways everything a good online game should be. Crisp graphics, simple gameplay with a subtle sense of strategy. These attributes are paired nicely with a solid soundtrack and a completely unique and humor-filled premise.

What’s that premise, you ask? You play as a entrepreneurial Minotaur interested in running his own china shop. Serve customers their desired items to earn a profit. Along the way, your bumbling Minotaur will inevitably knock over shelves and stomp your own valuable wares. When this happens, you can opt to pull the videogame equivalent of “shooting the moon” by entering a rage and destroying your entire shop (or as much as you can before security takes you down) to collect insurance payments.

You need the Unity Player Plugin to play the game through your web browser. Since I’ve been poking around game development, the issue of universality and platform compatibility is an important one. To me, Flash games are perfect in this regard since Flash is already installed on upwards of 90% of web browsers. The Unity Player, although reputable, has far less of an installed base. The great majority of players will have to download the plugin to play. Despite the high quality of games produced with the engine, this makes distributing and getting people to try your game exceedingly difficult. How many of you who read this, for instance, will decide not to try the game due to this seemingly simple yet undeniably disconcerting requirement? If I’m the developer- probably too many.