On the passing of Polaroid…

As you may have heard, Polaroid film will cease to be produced in the near future. This is sad. Some have routinely pointed out that with the advent of digital cameras, there is no longer a need for instantaneous film, or film at all for that matter.

Yes, digital pictures are instantly accessible, and yes, digital prints are easy to create at home or at the pharmacy, but I believe there’s something to be said for the appeal (and marketability?) of a camera that produces not only an instantaneous copy, but a tangible one. How many images are being hidden in unwieldy iPhoto libraries and how many are lost forever on decaying hard drive spindles? It’s good to have a print: you can see them without a screen. Are there any digital cameras on the market that can claim this functionality, without a plug-in photo printer? (Asking genuinely, not meaning to goad you film-haters out there.) Perhaps we’ll see the Polaroid name put to use on such a product, someday.

Expect tears from me when Kodak pulls the plug on Super-8… although others are ready to carry the torch. Maybe we can hope for the same from Polaroid?