A late introduction…

Mr. Robusto was shot for a short film competition put on by the good (if occasionally cantankerous) people at Pro8mm in Burbank. As a rather last minute production, Mr. Robusto was a blast to shoot. Everything seemed to coalesce perfectly: From the haphazard costume selection (derived from the only costume I could find on a day’s notice, someone or something named ‘Purpella’) to the fantastically clear and sunny Sunday we just happened to choose to shoot on. Not to mention the willingness of amazing participants Andrew and Luke to make complete fools of themselves in broad daylight.

Shooting with a single roll of Super8 film meant not knowing what we got until the results came in weeks/months later. It also meant we didn’t have an exact estimate of how much of the scant ~3.5min on each reel we had left to work with. Sadly, the ending of this masterpiece didn’t make it onto the roll. If I had realized at the time, I would have switched to a new one to complete the saga. As it is, the conclusion will have to remain a mystery. Do I smell a sequel?

Like high quality? Me too. Download a higher quality version here.

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