Freed from the Shackles

“AOL Sucks” – Sir Winston Churchill

I hate when an inferior product dominates the market just because it has an established userbase. Case in point, AOL Instant Messenger. AOL Sucks. You know this, I know this. And as loathe as I am (was) to use their products, lets face it… everyone I wanted to talk to was on AOL or AIM. Enter Meebo. I can log in on AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, or any other 2-bit chat client… all from a tab in my browser. I don’t have to download anything? Even better. I originally feared a javascript application emulating draggable ‘windows’ and such would be pretty hokey, but it’s actually quite solid. Check it out.

yes, its electricAn Electric Car that could kick your ass, go 0-60 in 4 seconds, and has a 300 mile range, too. Wow. Got a chance to see one of these in person recently. Hey Tesla, how about making one for the regular joes that goes 0-60 in a modest 7 seconds, seats 4, and costs $25,000?