The Search for a Savior

iTunes, once the populist darling of the digital music world has gotten too big for its britches. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for a replacement. Here are my conditions:

  • Be Lean. Run fast, even on shitty computers. Don’t slow my computer down, don’t clutter my screen unless its necessary, certainly not with ads or provocations to buy things. *shudder*
  • Be Well Designed. Be able to sort by album, artist, track, etc. I shouldn’t even have to ask for this by now…
  • Be Cross Platform. Run on PCs and Macs. ‘Nuff said.
  • Work with CDs. Be able to rip CDs and burn them. And not in your own bullshit proprietary format (I’m looking at you, Windows Media Player). I’m talking Mp3s, here.
  • Work With Mp3 Players. Preferably iPods and all drag/drop players.

Get SongbirdIs this too much to ask for? I don’t think so. Songbird seems like it might be on its way. It certainly looks nice, and the ability to download directly from mp3 blogs is cool… but I think its going to fail my ‘be lean’ requirement. It took up 1.5x as much ram as iTunes does… but I won’t complain too much, since this is only a ‘developer preview’ release. (Is version ‘0.2.1 Developer Preview’ too early to have your own line of hip t-shirts and icons? Hell no!) I await a savior from the bloated behemoth that is iTunes. Anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions for alternatives? I’m open to anything at this point-