The Beautiful Game

So, I’m addicted to watching the headbutt heard round the world. Apart from what you think of Zidane’s headbutt or who you were rooting for in the World Cup, does anyone else think Zidane’s ‘apology’ was exceedingly lame? Come on, who still gets enraged by generic ‘your mama’ insults these days? (And generic they must have been if Materazzi doesn’t personally know Zidane’s mother…)

On the option of simply walking away from the insults, Zidane absurdly claims that he could not walk away “because it would mean that [Materazzi] was right to say all that.” On the contrary, if Materazzi’s objective was to infuriate an opponent and get him kicked out of the game, didn’t he succeed brilliantly? Wasn’t he right to say ‘all that?’ Walking away would have been the only way to make it futile for Materazzi to try to provoke an opponent with verbal taunts. In addition, to claim that someone’s insults might be perceived as true unless one responds with violence is a 4th grade reaction at best.

I take issue with ‘apologies’ that also include the clause ‘I would do it all again.’ You aren’t really very ‘sorry’ for your actions, then, eh?