Mr. T Joins Axis of Evil

Say it ain’t so, Mr. T.

Was anybody as shocked and dismayed as I was to see childhood hero and 80s legend Mr. T appear on a Comcast commercial? Just hearing Mr. T utter those most profane words, “It’s Comcastic!” made my stomach turn.

This is NOT the same Mr. T who once taught me to “Be Somebody or be somebody’s fool.” Mr. T is now very clearly somebody’s fool.

Yet another reminder that every conceivable nugget of nostalgia will be cheapened and pimped out for whatever meager value a marketing campaign can squeeze from it.

In case you’re wondering- Comcast sucks. Comcast is one of a few giant cable corporations that have regional monopolies across the country (consider evil-twin Adelphia in southern California). Consistent with the dubious “monopoly” label, Comcast is notorious for its laughable service, non-existent comittment to the consumer and the community, and decided lack of a modern pricing scheme. There are downsides to deregulating industries, and if Comcast is to be allowed to be the sole provider on their cable, they should at least be compelled to donate a small portion of bandwith for public consumption. Of course, that’s too much to ask. I’m not the only one who thinks this way. How about you?

Something can be done. Something will be done. Stay tuned.